5 Gorgeous New Yarn Colors Coming Soon!


Hello to all knitters, crocheters, rug makers and crafters,

Coming Soon: 5 new color combinations, using an ancient Rajasthani Tie Dye Process. New Colors are: Peacock, Soft Bouquet, Caribbean Seas, Minty Pink, and Earth Tones.

As always, the yarn is handmade by our lovely ladies (100+ of them) who have been/are being set free from years of slavery. The more yarn you buy, the more ladies we can hire and offer liberty to.

We are also working diligently to prevent the next generation from being sold. Almost all the daughters of these ladies would  have had no choice but to follow in Mom’s footsteps.But all that is changing as our team is offering top notch education, teaching English, computer skills and vocational skills. The future is now bright for these lovely little girls.

So again, buy yarn and help us offer sustained Freedom to many.


And please do send us photos of the items you make, along with instructions and patterns. Our most frequent request is for patterns and ideas on how to use Freedom Yarn. (see beautiful necklace below, made using Freedom Yarn in “Blues”.


Bless you as you Bless Others!


  1. Mickey Miller says:

    Just bought freedom yarn at hobby lobby and I can’t find any patterns. Does hobby lobby have any knit patterns?

  2. I just got some of YouTube freedom yarn as a gift i would love to have apattern to make a bag for shopping thankyou Bianca

  3. None Yabusiness says:

    Just visited my first Hobby Lobby last week. Purchased a Christmas gift there. When I got home I did an internet search and was very unhappy to read quite a bit of negative press and articles about them. I will be returning my purchase through a friend as I plan not to give my business to them in the future!

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