Freedom Yarn: Is NOW at Hobby Lobby!

Freedom Yarn is a very special product and it is NOW FINALLY on the shelves of your local Hobby Lobby Store!

Freedom Yarn is not just any kind of yarn-it was specially created to bring freedom to hundreds of “trafficked” women in India. These ladies certainly would never have chosen to make a living by being sold-it was forced upon them by family members whose village economies were based solely on this “illicit trade”.

freedom-yarn-03Because it has gone on for generations in these villages, it was not something to be eradicated overnight. Through 2 years of discipleship, education and vocational training, we are starting to make a difference in these ladies lives.

In just 2 years, our efforts have grown from 20 to 65 ladies and their children. There will be hundreds more, as soon as we can physically accommodate them. (we are adding a large vocational annex asap).

Thus the birth of “Freedom Yarn”–it is colorful “Rajasthani Tie-Dyed” fabric, handmade into cotton strip/craft yarn. Your purchase of handmade Freedom Yarn will ensure that their freedom is not short lived, but will be sustained for the rest of their earthly days.

So buy it up, make something awesome and pin/post it on Social Media. We want this to go viral, because the more we sell, the more ladies will be employed and set free from generations of bondage.

Here are a few items that have been made with strip yarn:

Arm Knitting-Infinity Scarf




Beanie Hat




  1. I found your yarn when I went to Hobby Lobby today. I can’t wait to get started on my project. I plan on making a small tote with the Brights color. Thank you for helping and giving the women a job.

  2. I have used freedom yarn in 2 of my projects so far. You can see my dreamcatchers on facebook.

    • Brenda Flower says:

      Hi Hannah-thanks for supporting our freed ladies by buying their beautiful yarn! I logged on to your FB page-didn’t see any photos of your projects?

  3. Hello!

    I am contacting you regarding your photos of the Freedom Yarn. I am a designer for Hobby Lobby and have designed the label for this line and wanted to put in my portfolio. Do you mind if I use your photos on my website?

    Thank you kindly,

  4. Marsha A Nelson says:

    Right now I am using a different yarn from Hobby Lobby and really enjoying the feel and how it is coming together. I plan to keep going to Hobby Lobby for my yarn needs. Look forward trying the freedom yarn. Do you think it would make a good tote? I have an idea. 🙂

    • Brenda Flower says:

      It would make an amazing tote or market bag-it is cotton so it doesn’t stretch too much-so use a VERY large knitting needle or crochet hook. Please send us photos of the finished work, along with your pattern. Have fun!

  5. Will we be able to purchase freedom yarn through means other then Hobby Lobby?

  6. Susan T says:

    Currently, I’m making a latch hooked rug with 3 inch cut strips of Brights Freedom Yarn which I purchased from HobbyLobby. You can also buy the rug canvas and latch hook from them as well. The rug is turning out really cute!

    • Brenda Flower says:

      Hi Susan,

      Please send us a photo and instructions once you’re done with your rug–LOVE to see how it turns out! Brights is my favorite color so far, but we have 5 new fabulous color combos that will be in Hobby Lobby stores this summer…Brenda

  7. Mary Pollard says:

    I made a handbag with your freedom yarn in neutrals and acrylic yarn. I hope you will continue to offer a neutral choice.

    • Brenda Flower says:

      Hi Mary,

      We would love to see a photo of the product you made-also instructions/pattern would be awesome if you could share it with us!

  8. I love the choices in Hobby Lobby, however I could use a neutral color far more often if you had one available! Please make a white based one! ❤️️

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